Airport Hotel and Parking

It is important to keep your car in a safe location when you are going on a trip outside the city. Use long term gatwick hotel and parking facilities to make sure you find your car in good condition when you come back to retrieve it. It is a good idea to stay at a hotel near the Gatwick airport that offers long term car parking facility. Some hotels near the airport include parking charge in the overnight hotel stay charge. At other places, you have to pay extra if you want to leave your car in the hotel's car parking centre. Book a hotel that will save you more money. Whether you use the car parking facility of a hotel or commercial car parking centre, there are many benefits of using such a facility when you are visiting the airport to fly to another place.

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You cannot leave your car on the roadside. There are risks of vandalism and theft. Criminals are always looking for such vulnerable assets. You do not want to face the ire of local residents who do not like airport passengers leaving their cars parked in front of local houses. Do not lose your valuable possession. A car parking centre helps you park your car in a safe, secure and legal place. Your vehicle will be continuously under the security surveillance.


It is convenient to use your car whenever you want. You can go to the airport in your own car. It helps you travel in comfort. You do not want to spend money on taxi. At some places, the option of taxi is simply not available or its cost is prohibitive. When you return back from the trip, you want to go back home in your personal vehicle. That is possible when you park your car near the airport. Stay at a hotel that lets you leave your car in its parking centre when you are away.

Additional Services

Some commercial car parking centres offer additional services to vehicle owners. You can avail cleaning, repair and maintenance services. When you come back from your personal or business trip, you will find your car in perfect driving condition. These services are available only at certain car parking centres so check these features when looking for a car parking centre near the airport.

Affordable Charges

Hotels make most of their money from the people who use their accommodation facility. By adding additional services like long duration parking of car, they try to attract more customers. You will receive affordable pricing plans when you book both accommodation and car park facilities.