G5 Executive


Dear valued Customers, Friends, Partners and Colleagues in Administration,

It is my duty – although with one teardrop in my eye – to inform you that G5 Executive (flying under the Callsign BATMAN) will retire it s commercial flight operation in October 2015.

We had very exiting 18 years traveling the world with our long-range Gulfstreams and appreciate the business relations and friendships we gained with you all. Loosing our aircrafts for various reasons and the depressed overall charter market we are experiencing today forces our decision not to go forward with commercial flying.

G5 as a company will continue to exist as a Business Aviation Consultant & Investor; Lessor of Aircrafts; Broker and Trader of Business Aircrafts and Charter Flights.

Some of our current fleet will find new homes with different operators thru sale or lease – others have already been sold. We will inform you accordingly by means of separate marketing mailings.

My team and I certainly hope to stay in close contact to many of you in the future.

We wish you always HAPPY LANDINGS
P. Fried (CEO)